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You’ve been thinking about building an app for a while now, you want share your interests with the world, but you just don’t have enough time and even if you did, where would you start?

The answer is Windows App Studio. A free, online app creation tool that allows you to quickly build Windows and Windows Phone apps to publish, test, and share. Make changes, add content, and toggle between phone and tablet views to watch your app come alive.

And if you want to advanced programming features, Windows App Studio generates your source code ready for Visual Studio - a feature no other app-builder tool provides. There is no better day than today, so get started!

Boost your business

Business owners are using Windows App Studio to build their own apps to connect with customers and spread the word about their products and services. Check out how Holly used App Studio to build her own app for her business Integrative Mom.

Windows App Studio training videos

  • How to Publish

    How to Publish a Windows App Studio app to the Windows Phone Store.
  • Windows App Studio Walk Through

    This 27-minute video will walk you through set-by-step how to build your first app with Windows App Studio Beta.

OS preview for developers

Windows Phone Preview for Developers gives registered developers access to prerelease Windows Phone operating system updates for their development phone, directly from Microsoft.

The Preview program was created to give developers time to test their apps, and to validate that their apps run as expected on a real phone before an operating system update is made generally available to your customers.

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Windows App Studio News

  • 18 year old student and designer develops an app for a global manufacturer using App Studio

    Mick Brege is more than just your average 18 year old. Full-time student and part-time designer, Brege attends Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI and works for Promess, Inc. – a global leader in sensing systems for manufacturing. Using Windows App Studio Beta, Brege built an app, Promess, Inc, to increase the company’s ability to engage its customers. Recently, we talked about how and why he built his app and what it was like to do so using App Studio.  Read the rest of the
  • Using Fuzed RSS feeds in Windows App Studio

    Check out this post from JHealy about fuzed RSS feeds in App Studio. I'm teaching a class this fall where students are required to publish an app using App Studio.  One student has a great idea for an app, but her solution requires quite a number of feeds to be represented.  App Studio only allows you to have six RSS feeds in an app. If a dev wants to have more than six feeds in an app, the dev must apply some trickery. Read the rest of the post HERE
  • DVLUP Challenge! Make an App Showing Off Where you Live

    If you’re anything like me, you love where you live. We moved to the town that we live in more than 10 years ago, and I have no plans to leave – ever. I am always happy to tell people about my little town and all of its great features – everything from amazing outdoor hiking trails to remarkable restaurants and more. We even have this really massive tree that is worth a stop of its own. What is my point? Well you see, we have this great new Challenge here on DVLUP that is all about showing off y
  • Add Push Notifications to your App Studio App

    Sara Silva Takes on the process of adding Push Notifications to an App Studio App. Introduction Push notifications have become an integral part of any modern application, as they increase user engagement for consumer apps and the utility of enterprise apps.      For add support to push notification The MyMenuApp Azure Mobile Service will send the push notifications The Menu App will receive the push notifications  the process, for add push notification to the Menu App using Azu

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