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You’ve been thinking about building an app for a while now, you want share your interests with the world, but you just don’t have enough time and even if you did, where would you start?

The answer is Windows App Studio. A free, online app creation tool that allows you to quickly build Windows and Windows Phone apps to publish, test, and share. Make changes, add content, and toggle between phone and tablet views to watch your app come alive.

And if you want to advanced programming features, Windows App Studio generates your source code ready for Visual Studio - a feature no other app-builder tool provides. There is no better day than today, so get started!

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Musicians, bands, artists, and entrepreneurs are all using Windows App Studio to build their own apps to connect with their fans and find new ones too. Check out how DJ Nano, one of the top Club DJs in the world, built his own Windows and Windows Phone app using App Studio.

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How to Publish a Windows App Studio app to the Windows Phone Store.

Windows App Studio Walk Through

This 27-minute video will walk you through set-by-step how to build your first app with Windows App Studio Beta.


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Check out the 5-hour App Studio Curriculum at App Studio Education. Get your students building apps and extending them with code today!

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Deep Dive: Windows App Studio NuGet packages for Windows 10 Apps

Hello everyone!  We hope you've been having a great November.  It's so exciting to see how much everyone has been using and enjoying the new Windows 10 features in Windows App Studio that were released as a part of the update at the beginning of the month.   Today we want to get a bit technical and dig into one of the aspects of Windows App Studio that's designed to help when extending your app in Visual Studio, which is the use of NuGet packages.  NuGet allows for the easy production and consum

Windows App Studio Release – Windows 10 Store Package support and other new features

The Windows App Studio Windows 10 Store Support Release is now available, allowing you to easily create and publish a universal Windows app in record time with no code required.  This release builds on the foundation created with July’s App Studio Windows 10 Preview release.  You can directly submit your app to the Store through Dev Center, now with no intermediate step in Visual Studio required.  In addition, this release brings a host of other new features. New Features: Windows 10 Store Packa

Windows App Studio update for Windows 10 launch

We are excited to announce an update for this July in App Studio to coincide with the Windows 10 release.   We worked hard to both update App Studio for Windows 10 and introduce some new features that are designed to improve the quality and capabilities of apps you create.  Here is a sampling of just some of the new features we introduced: -            Responsive design using visual break points -            Redlines for every layout -            New reading web view -            New nuget packa

How to add a YouTube DataSource in Windows AppStudio

Here are the simple steps to add a YouTube DataSource in Windows AppStudio: 1. Click on   and click on  DataSource. 2. You would see the below screen.        a. Change the YouTube section name if you want.        b. Next, create a new YouTube key.   3. This will take you to a new screen as shown below:   Click on the highlighted section. This will connect your free YouTube developer account with your Windows AppStudio app.   4. This will take you to the Google Developers page. Login with your


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